The Journey into non-ordinary state of consciousness

It is important to FEEL SAFE, before, during, and after a non-ordinary state of consciousness.

Before: Having 30+ years of experience with psychedelics, and a number of years in risk reduction at psychedelic festivals, I have learned a lot of important information regarding psychedelics like the importance of set and setting. It is also important to set your intentions before your journey.

During: The right people in a safe environment with good intention play a very important role in getting the best out of your experience.

After: Integration. I provide a space where you will be listened to without jugements or interpretations, nobody else other than you can know the meaning of your experience. Psychedelics help you to have a better understanding of yourself by letting you have access to your higher consciousness.

What is Integration?

Integration is the most important part of the journey, as it allows people who have experienced a non-ordinary state of consciousness to reflect on it and bring that experience into their life. It takes place after each session, and is conducted between client and facilitator. The altered state of consciousness allows you to access your inner guide and the Integration session lets you ground your journey so that you can make sense of it. Integration is being able to use what has been offered to you during this experience so that it can benefit your life in the long-term.

With the help of a therapist, integration allows you to put in place a strategy to change and become a better version of yourself.

Non-ordinary states of consciousness often help you integrate any trauma you have stored in your Limbic system. Finding the right person to share and overcome them with the right tools can help you free yourself from your past.

Altered state of consciousness shows people the possibilities of change and improvement, but in order to translate these experiences into actual changes, one needs to integrate and take action.

How Integration is carried out:

Integration requires two steps:

In the same way that you were guided during the experience by your higher consciousness, it is important that you go on doing so outside of the experience. No one other than you knows the meaning of your experience. It’s important that you find a safe and open space where you are going to be able to share your experience without having anyone influencing you or trying to find their own sense in your own experience. Trusting yourself is key to this first part. Finding someone that is going to listen without judging or interpreting will allow you to relive your experience at a more conscious level.

The second part will be to decide how you are going to use this gift to help you in your current life. The person helping you to integrate is there only to give you the tools to take action in your life.