Psilocybin Retreats

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1-week Psilocybin group retreat


- Airport transfers

- Accommodation:
During your stay in Jamiaca, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the paradisiacal beaches of the island, and connect to nature with the energy from the sea and lush greenery.

- Meals:
At Sophrodelic, with a holistic approach, we understand the importance of body and mind. We do our best to provide as many natural and organic meals as possible to our clients.

- 3 psilocybin sessions:
Our psilocybin is provided by a local company that grows it with high-quality ingredients and natural methods. They use natural spring water, sunlight filtered through the forest canopy and organic substrates.

- Grouped and private integration sessions:
To help you understand and process your psilocybin journey

- Sophrology sessions:
Dynamic guided meditation

Does not include:
- Meals at restaurants
- Local activities

Saturday, May 28th - Saturday, June 4th 2022

1 reservation left

A meal at Don Christopher Point
Sunday, June 12th 2022 - Sunday, June 19th 2022

1 reservation left

Sunday, September 11th - Sunday, September 18th 2022

2 reservations left

Saturday, October 1st - Saturday, October 8th 2022

6 reservations left

Saturday, October 291th - Saturday, November 5th 2022

6 reservations left

Kotch Villa room
Saturday, November 12th - Saturday, November 19th 2022

6 reservations left

Saturday, November 26th - Saturday, December 3rd 2022

6 reservations left

Cacona Villa porch
Thursday, December 8th - Thursday, December 15th 2022

6 reservations left

Saturday, January 14th - Saturday, January 21st 2023

6 reservations left